Magnetic Lead Switch Type
Proximity Switch

This is a proximity switch that operates by magnetic force without a drive power supply. Custom-made products are available at low cost.

Lead switch -adjacent switch


This is a proximity switch that operates by magnetic force. The operating distance can be set by magnetic force with this proximity switch, and custom-made products are also available, such as changing the length of the wires, or the terminal processing, etc.


  • - Magnet operating type that operates by magnetic force
  • - Adoption of a reed switch realizes low cost
  • - Drive power supply is not required



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Specifications JRS-901S JRS-803NO JRS-1NO
Configuration Ultra-small Compact lead wire type Standard lead wire type
Operation method NO NO / NC NO / NC / SH
Maximum switching capacity 10W 10W 10W
Maximum switching current 0.3A 0.3A 0.5A
Maximum operating voltage AC・DC100V AC・DC100V AC125V・DC100V
Withstand pressure between contacts DC150V DC150V DC250V
Contact resistance 300mΩor less
(Including lead wire resistance)
180mΩor less
(Including lead wire resistance)
250mΩor less
(Including lead wire resistance)
Operating temperature range -10~80℃ -10~60℃ -10~80℃
Maximum operating distance 5±1.5mm 3+1.5mm/-1.0mm 12±2mm
RoHS compliant

Operation method

NO type = Contacts close (ON) only when detection object (magnet) approaches
NC type = Contacts open (OFF) only when detection object (magnet) approaches
SH type = This type uses a method to memorize the operating state (ON or OFF) by approaching the detection object (magnet) even after the detection object passes by.