Quartz Resonator / Crystal Oscillator

A high precision device used for communication infrastructure and broadcast infrastructure.

Quartz Resonator / Crystal Oscillator


Crystal resonator is a passive device used when causing oscillation of higher frequency systems.
Crystal oscillator is oscillating circuit which controls the oscillation frequency by using a crystal oscillator.


  • ・Reliability to be used for communication infrastructure and broadcast infrastructure
  • ・The high stability by sufficient aging at an oscillator stage
  • ・The antibody test accuracy by computer automatic measurement
  • ・Thanks to the GPS frequency reference system adopted, ultra-high accuracy of the frequency reference of ten twelfth square error per day (part per trillion)


1) Measuring Circuit

2) Linearity Illustration

What's Linearity?
Frequency - control voltage characteristic curve and the ideal straight line (frequency calculated by regression method from the control characteristics) and the maximum value of the deviation width expressed as a percentage (%) of the total variable frequency range.(MIL-55310C 4-8-31-5)

ex.) The maximum deviation from the ideal straight line = 16ppm, when the total frequency variable width = 200ppm (Vc = 0.5 ~ 4.5V) What is linearity? 16/200 = 0.88 (= 8%).
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3) Surface mount / recommended reflow conditions -Pb free

4) Phase noise measurement

What's Phase noise?
We call it phase noise when unnecessary energy is generated in the vicinity of the output frequency. It is usually extremely weak energy, but the position in the digital communication system noise level of degradation is also the cause of the system error.