Power Controller (CC-Link Compatible)

This is an SSR power controller which realized phase control by PLCs and multipoint cycle control.

Power Controller (CC-Link Compatible)


The CC-SSR4 is a SSR power controller compatible to CC-Link for field networks, where system configurations are increasing centered on programmable logic controllers (PLC) which play a main role in various applications in industrial equipment and production facilities.
An SSR can be used as a power controller by the serial signal from a PLC, and performs phase control and cycle control by simply changing the data.
Up to 4 SSRs can be connected to 1 controller, which is useful in reducing the wiring of a system.


  • - 1 controller can control up to 4 SSRs
  • - Realizes optimal control (phase control and cycle control) by an SSR through serial data from a PLC using CC-Link
  • - An SSR can be selected according to the application, which realizes space-saving and low cost compare to conventional power controllers



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Specifications CC-SSR4
Controller Specifications
Characteristics Remarks
Channel type Remote I/O channel
Number of channels 1 channel SSR1-4 (Open collector output)
Power supply voltage 24V±10%
SSR drive voltage 30V or less SSR1-4 (Open collector output)
SSR drive current 100 mA or less (Per output) SSR1-4 (Open collector output)
Voltage drop when SSR drive terminal turns ON DC1V or less (at 100mA)
Leakage current when SSR drive terminal turns OFF DC 0.1mA or less (at 30VDC)
Power control range 0~100% SSR1-4 (Open collector output)
AC voltage input range AC85~264Vrms * Between AC1 to AC2
AC voltage frequency range 50Hz:47~53Hz/60Hz:57~63Hz * Automatic distinction for 50/60 Hz
Operating temperature range 0 to 60 º C (However, no freezing)
Operating humidity range 35 to 85%RH (However, no condensation)
Insulation resistance 100MΩ or more (Between primary - secondary)
Withstand pressure between input/output AC 2500Vrms (Between primary - secondary)
Weight About 150g
RoHS compliant
Communication Specifications
Communication speed 10M/5M/2.5M/625K/156K
Communication method Broadcasting polling method
Synchronous method Frame synchronous method
Encoding method NRZI
Transmission path format Bus format (EIA RS485 compatible)
Transmission format HDLC compatible
Error control method CRC(X16+X12+X5+1)

* For details on CC-Link, refer to the Mitsubishi Electric Corporation's catalog and Instructions Manual.
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