Mercury lamp alternative lighting

Series achieving energy saving with leaving fluorescent lamp in use as it is now and line-up of LED-related lighting!

Energy Saving Lighting series


Energy saving is realized by simply replacing the lamp without changing the design of existing product!
It will reduce the repair cost to a minimum.

Mercury lamps will be abolished by 2020.


<LED lamps to be a substitute for Mercury lamps.> RoHs Directive Compliant Products

  • ・Immediately bright with instantaneous lighting
  • ・Low insect attracting will reduce the time and effort of cleaning.
  • ・Reduce the power consumption to less than 1/5
  • ・To achieve the power-saving and low cost, the light source can be reduced.
  • ・Responsive to each power as a replacement of a conventional mercury lamp.



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Products Name Mercury lamp W considerable number Mouthpiece Power-supply voltage Frequency Total luminous flux Power consumption
CJK150 series For high ceiling
CJK-180W-N 700W E39 100~244V 50/60Hz 23000Lm 180W
CJK-180W 700W E39 100~244V 50/60Hz 21000Lm 180W
CJK-125W-N 600W E39 100~244V 50/60Hz 18200Lm 125W
CJK-100W-N 500W E39 100~244V 50/60Hz 14600Lm 100W
CJK-80W-N 400W E39 100~244V 50/60Hz 11600Lm 80W
CJK150 series
CJK-54W-N 300W E39 100~244V 50/60Hz 8100Lm 54W
CJK-45W-N 250W E39 100~244V 50/60Hz 6750Lm 45W
CJK-36W-N 200W E39 100~244V 50/60Hz 5400Lm 36W
CJK-27W-N 150W E26 100~244V 50/60Hz 4050Lm 27W
CJK350 series Single-sided light emitting
CJK-40W-350N 400W E39 100~244V 50/60Hz 5800Lm 40W
CJK-40W-350 300W E39 100~244V 50/60Hz 5200Lm 40W
CJK-35W-350 250W E39 100~244V 50/60Hz 4550Lm 35W
CJK-30W-350 200W E39 100~244V 50/60Hz 3900Lm 30W
CJK-20W-350 150W E26 100~244V 50/60Hz 2600Lm 20W

*Fall Prevention Wire Bundle