Air Conditioner Control System (Jel-Con)

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Air Conditioner Control System (Jel-Con)


This system reduces the use of electric air conditioners by controlling their operations (intermittent operation control). This technology is already a known general control method, and is also used as a control method for demand controllers.


What is JELCON-Unit?

The JELCON-unit measures the electric current value of an air conditioner. When the set current value is maintained for 27 minutes or longer, the unit forcibly changes the operation mode to Fan (10% control) and keeps the air conditioner in this mode for three minutes. Being used to control multiple air conditioners, the JELCON-unit can also reduce the contract power value of high voltage consumers.
Normally, we suggest 20% control by a demand controller for reasons related to the payout time. However, this results in environmental degradation.
The 10% fixed control ensures the indoor environment remains unchanged. At the same time, it allows for short-term depreciation by reducing the cost.


Conceptual Rendering of Intermittent Operation Control of Air Conditioners

When current at the set value or higher continues to flow for 27 minutes or more, the unit outputs a control signal and keeps the operation mode in Fan for three minutes.