An electronic circuit breaker that allows a contract of a smaller breaker capacity.

Electronic Breaker


Jel Control System, created by Jel System, is directed to those changing from the low-pressure power contract of "load equipment contract" to a smaller capacity "main switch contract." Jel System's Electronic Breaker ® will reduce the basic charge of electricity charges.

Breaker is what is blocking when current exceeds the allowable limit flows of power, to protect the equipment. The JIS standards help determine the criteria of how many minutes until the device turns off or the current flow.
Unlike conventional breakers that turns off in a power leakage flow generating heat, Jel System's ""Electronic Breaker ®" senses the current value, according to the digital numerical value, it will turn off. Also with the computer control, it enabled the setting of optimal standard current of up to a maximum allowable limit of JIS standard. The latest model (JDB3), compared to the existing model (JDB3), is equipped with trip function and volume adjustment function of buzzer sound, the strength of the terminal also was improved. In addition, it is possible to further reduce the basic fee by adding the option function.

*"Electronic breaker ®" is a registered trademark of our company.


  • ・Thanks to the digital operation, there are almost no trip error for the Electronic current detection (3-wire maximum detection).
  • ・, available Within the maximum allowable range of JIS standard, the system will be controlled automatically
  • ・Visibility by the liquid crystal display
  • ・Slim by the miniaturization of size and stylish
  • ・Trip record's additional holding function

Diagnostic for Energy Saving

Do you think you pay too much for basic electricity fees?
It is possible to reduce the electricity charges if your low pressure contract office falls under the following:

  • ・Relatively large contract capacity (Approximately 20kW or more)
  • ・Large percentage of basic fee as a percentage of electricity charges.
  • ・There is many machines, but some of them can operate just several minutes.
  • ・Considering the installation of substation facilities (cubicle) with full contract capacity.

What is a Load Facilities Contract?

Many of the office facilities that use the low-pressure powered devices (motor), often decide on "load equipment contract" setting the total sum kW of installed capacity to contract capacity. Since the capacity regardless of the operating time and usage of the equipment will be determined, often large contract capacity takes place. This contract, regardless of the capacity of the breaker (A), because the contract capacity at the facility is determined, with increasing the equipment, contract capacity increases too, with reducing, the contract capacity is reduced too. In other words, load equipment contract does not allow you to reduce the contract capacity unless you reduce the equipment.

Facility A:10kW + Facility B:12.5kW + Facility C:12.5kW = Contract capacity 35kW

What's Main Switch Contract?

The main switch agreement is a contract capacity of the breaker capacity to be installed (A).
Regardless of the equipment increase or decrease, because it determines the contract capacity at the breaker capacity (A), it is essential to change to the main switch contract in order to reduce the contract capacity without reducing the equipment. In other words, even if we introduce electronic breaker, but the load system stays the same, the contract capacity cannot be reduced.
In order to reduce the contract capacity without reducing the facilities, changes to the main switch contract are the essential.

Comparison of the Contract Capacity

Changed from "load equipment contract" to "main switch contract", to a smaller contract capacity in Jel Control System!
Even in the case of using a breaker changed to the main switch contract, we do not expect much reduction in the basic rates in normal thermostatic breakers. And why? Because of the thermostatic type we cannot control in detail, we cannot be precise about the current value operation control of up to the maximum allowable range of JIS standard. This product is for sensing the current value, will be cut off by a digital numerical value. Also it is possible to control it by the computer and enable the setting of optimal standard current of up to the maximum allowable range of JIS standard. The power type 1kW unit: 41 models, lamp type 1kVA unit: Since there are 24 models of the lineup, more appropriate contract capacity setting is possible.

Load Facilities Contract

Main switch contract [Jel Control System]
contract capacity can be reduced significantly due to
its accordance with the current value and operation time.

Case Studies

#1: Certain Apartment Load Facilities Contract 35kW

①Pump×2 ②Elevator A ③Elevator B
Current value 44A Current value 72A
Current value 100A
Operating time Regular Operating time 30 sec Operating time 20 sec

・Max current value (20sec)100A ・Always on current value44A

With the Introduction of Electronic Breaker

JCS Contract capacity Ratings ~150% ~190% ~400% ~600%
Model KW A 55min 30min 3min 50sec 25sec
JDB2-44 15 44A ~66A ~84A ~176A ~264A
JDB2-47 16 ~47A ~71A ~89A ~188A ~282A
JDB2-50 17 50A ~75A ~95A ~200A ~300A

This way after researching all the equipment in the office equipment, measure the ① maximum current value ② always (long) running current value.
When doing the calculation of the appropriate contract capacity to fit the operational characteristics of the electronic circuit breaker "JCS" from the measurement result

Contract Capacity Changed 16KW (Reduced by 19KW!)

Low pressure 35kW (Power factor 90%) Low pressure 16kW (Power factor 90%) Difference(Profit)
Basic charge / month 36,628 YEN 16,744 YEN 19,884 YEN
Basic charge / year 439,536 YEN 200,928 YEN 238,608 YEN

#2: Maintenance of an Automatic Car Workshop

Before 45KW After 26kW (Reduced by 19kW!)

(Basic charge: save 27,209 YEN / month, SAVE 238,608 YEN / Year)

#3: Wood Processing Plant

Before 28KW After 8kW (Reduced by 20kW!)

(Basic charge: save 20,930 YEN / month, SAVE 251,160 YEN / Year)

#4: Ironworks

Before 22KW After 7kW (Reduced by 15kW!)

(Basic charge: save 15,698 YEN / month, SAVE 188,376 YEN / Year)

Besides, commercial building, parking lot, gas station, coin laundry, cleaning factory, bakery, and so on.

Jel Control System is proud to be attracting attention from every industry and media with its high reliability.

High Reliability

Jel Control System is featured in various media, it is a highly reliable service with a rich introduction track record

We Deliver Peace of Mind by Our Own Factory
  • ・After passing the compatibility test and meeting the criteria of the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law in Foundation Electrical Safety & Environment Technology Laboratories (JET), we got the PSE mark.
  • ・We are subscribed to the product liability insurance (PL insurance). The maximum amount of deposit is 100 million yen.
  • ・Product warranty period of the manufacturer is one year. *a separate "maintenance contract" exists.
  • ・Jel System Shirakawa Factory has acquired the ISO9001: 2008 (quality) · ISO14005 (environment).

  • *Please be careful for similar products and counterfeit products of our Jel Control System.



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Item Specifications
Rated Power Pressure (Frequency) 200V (50/60Hz) Electronic circuit operation with 200V applied to both sides
Rated Power Pressure (Operating Characteristics) The next page of the tripping characteristics (Current-time) reference
Rated Breaking Current 10KA
Pole Number 3-pole
Withstand Voltage 1500V 1min (Line - ground, between the casing)
Insulation Resistance 200MΩ or more (500VDC) (Line - ground, between the casing)
Electrode Terminal Screw Tightening Torque M8 Screw(Bolt) Maximum tightening torque 1N・m(About 120kgf・cm)
Operating Temperature Limit -10℃~40℃ (Dewfall)
Storage Temperature Limit -20℃~60℃ (Dewfall)
External Power Input DC±20V (Dedicated power supply sold separately for the power company testing purposes)
Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law (PSE Compliant products) Specified electrical appliances Circuit breaker(only 100Aor less) (reference 1,2)
Dimension Electronic breaker's body (Including safety cover):112W×88H×305D
Power Consumption (Only the body) Max 5VA (200V,25mA)
Weight About 2.5kg Electronic Breaker's Body (Including safety cover terminal screws)
Main Material Case:ABS Resin (Flame redundancy) Polycarbonate (Flame redundancy), The control board:Glass epoxy1.6t (Flame redundancy)