Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Personal Information

  • ・When it accesses this website and it sees, Personal information on the name, the address, and the e-mail address, etc. where the customer can be specified in principle is not collected.
  • ・We might send the direct mail and the Internet news, etc. based on Personal information on the customer who obtained it when inquiring through this website. Please do you add in writing so or contact the publisher or of the direct mail Internet news so sorry to trouble you, but when such information is said to be unnecessary.
  • ・It offers, and it doesn't indicate it for the third party without the Jel System Co., Ltd. obtaining customer's Personal information and obtaining the customer's consent.
  • ・The Jel system Ltd. observes the law and the standard applied about the handling of customer's Personal information.

Exemption Matters

The Jel System Co., Ltd. cannot assume all the responsibilities to the trouble and the damage that uses the content and this website published in this website or was not able to use and occurs.Moreover, it cannot assume all the responsibilities for other websites that have been linked with this website. Neither accuracy nor the utility of the thing and information whose content published now is the latest data at present is guaranteed though the Jel System Co., Ltd. continuously updates this website and is making an effort about the content of publishing to be accurate. Please inquire individually about the latest standard and the specification etc. of the product etc.

About the Link to this Site

The link to this site is basically free.
However, please note the following point.

  • As a rule, please specify top page ( for the linked Websites page.
  • The link might be refused because of the link from the site that seems that it offends public order and morals when the infringement of a copyright and it seems that it is likely to invite misunderstanding it. Please feel free to to inquire when there is an uncertain point.